A Sweltering Hot Sports Day at Fairmead – FAIRMEAD SCHOOL

A Sweltering Hot Sports Day at Fairmead

Our annual Sports Day was a spectacular and sweaty success that truly reflected our school’s inclusive ethos, as well as being a fun event for staff, students and their families.
IMG_0376In the morning, students stayed in their learning groups and tried out lots of different health and fitness sessions, such as yoga, different ways of moving, football skills, bouncy castle and even making refreshing fruit kebabs. After lunch the competitive track and field events began with javelin, shot put, long jump, the 60 metre running race, the 400 metre race and the parents and staff running races.


IMG_0457Students were divided into small groups with a staff member to lead them to the right event at the right time. The groups were made up of students who had a similar sporting ability to make the events fair and so that everyone had a go at taking part. The throwing and jumping events were measured to the nearest metre and first, second and third place stickers were awarded to those who had gone the distance in their competition group.

The dad’s and mum’s races were pretty competitive this year, but were also infiltrated by some older brothers and sisters. Two mum’s of secondary students ran a very close race, as our picture (below) demonstrates. The staff race has always been a hotly debated event and this year was no exception as students tipped the real contest to be between Acting Head Teacher Ben Crump and LSA Dan Smallridge. There was, however, a bit of a wildcard on the track this year as LSA Hannah Forrest snatched second place from Mr Crump; but there was no stopping the victorious Mr Smallridge (below).IMG_0436IMG_0481


Because of the intense heat, our ice cream shop ran out of ice cream before staff got the chance to have one, but students’ efforts were rewarded with their favourite flavour after they had finished all their events. Mr Crump closed the ceremony by presenting medals to everyone who had taken part. This year the triumphant house that won the Fairmead Cup was the blue shirted Saturn House. Well done Saturn and well done Sports Coordinator Nadine Collard who organised such a brilliant day for us all.




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