A win for Mars at our fun and friendly Sports Day! – FAIRMEAD SCHOOL

A win for Mars at our fun and friendly Sports Day!

Despite the sweltering sun we had an energetic day of sporting activities and physical games, with house team Mars lifting the cup at the finish.


In the morning we did some ‘have a go’ activities like the bouncy castle, soft play, making fruit kebabs, circus skills and child-friendly yoga. Nobody was made to join in, but they were asked to try all the activities.


The circus skills involved juggling, stilts walking and plate spinning. Making fruit kebabs was delicious because all the students got to choose which fruits they liked and eat them IMG_2745afterwards.

Yoga was called Tatty Bumpkin Yoga and the instructor took the students through the poses by creating a story which they moved in time with. We all had a great stretch out and some of us had aching legs the next day.

There was also an assault course and a tug of war competition where things got very competitive and we skidded along the grass and got leaves stuck in our hair.

The more action packed part of the day was the afternoon when we geared up for the athletics events and prepared to win some points for our house teams: Venus, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars.


We did our version of the 200 metres and 400 metres races where we shortened the distances a bit and competed against pupils whose physical abilities were similar, irrespective of which key stage they were in. Many winning ribbons were handed out and pinned to polo shirts by the end of the day. For those who preferred field events, we had javelin and shot put competitions, plus some fun events like carry the bean bag on your head race. A big thank you to Sports Coordinator Nadine Collard for organisation of the day.




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