An Awesome Time Had By All At Airhop – FAIRMEAD SCHOOL

An Awesome Time Had By All At Airhop

Students were literally jumping for joy when we took them to Airhop Trampoline Park in Bristol for an end of term Easter treat.


The trip to Airhop was our former Head Teacher Mrs Denman’s idea, as she wanted to give the students a well earned fun day out before she waved us all farewell and left Fairmead Special School for a new job as one of Her Majesty’s School Inspectors.


As you can see from the photos, Mrs Denman made sure she had an all action day dualling, jumping, ducking and diving in a range of activities. She may not have come out on top in every activity, but she lived up to her mantra of ‘have a go and take part’.


The students particularly enjoyed trying knock members of staff off the high beam with the foam pugilist sticks.  One Key Stage 3 student managed to knock Mrs Denman into the foam pit in true gladiator style.

Of course, the student also gave her helping hand out of the pit and they received plenty of cheers from those of us watching the dual from the sidelines.

Drama Therapist Tim Townsend also took a good bashing against one of our sixth formers, although they were pretty evenly matched in size.

Students also enjoyed playing games of volleyball, dodgeball and basketball slam dunking in the ball game courts.


In the main trampoline area, lots of staff and students enjoyed bouncing from one trampoline to another and crossing the entire room. There was even some competition among staff to see who could jump the highest. I think my photo of LSA Matt Cole jumping very high up in the air, and being watched by some amazed students, proves he was the clear winner.


Student Niamh said: ‘Airhop was awesome and I wish we could go again’. We will have to wait and see what new Head Teacher Mrs Felstead decides about that!



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