An entrepreneur comes to visit! – FAIRMEAD SCHOOL

An entrepreneur comes to visit!

On Wednesday 2nd May 2018 Sebastian Conran visited our KS5 Business Enterprise group at Fairmead School. As part of the ASDAN Enterprise short course we had to interview an entrepreneur, so we asked him questions that we had put together on how he has become successful in designing a range of products.

Frankie was chosen as the spokesperson to interview Sebastian and below is an account of the interview

  1. What skills do you need to be entrepreneur?

The first skill you learn to be an entrepreneur is to look at things differently from others.

  •  What qualities do you have that helped you be successful?

You have to be determined, persistent and realistic. You have to realise that things are not going to happen straight away.

  •  What was your first product?

The first product Sebastian designed was door numbers for Habitat 43 years ago. The best product was the pushchair in 1985 for Mothercare. In doing this Sebastian gained confidence to look at other designs.

  •  What difficulties have you overcome?

Sensory difficulties.  Being short sighted made it difficult for Sebastian to see. Sebastian also has Dyslexia. Sebastian went to art school and whilst there he learnt that most designers are dyslexic, and that they see things visually.

  •  What advice would you give a young person who wants to be entrepreneur?

Get a job and be an employee, learn how to look at how a business works.

  •  What would you like to make next?

Sebastian would like to make robotic chairs and tables which would move if you asked them too or by demand!

After Sebastian visited KS5 he visited our DT room to look at the spinning plate.

We enjoyed his visit and learnt a lot from him.


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