Cash Boost for Outdoor Sports Equipment – FAIRMEAD SCHOOL

Cash Boost for Outdoor Sports Equipment

Getting fit in the fresh air and working out at the gym is set to become a reality thanks to a sum of money raised from the sale of supermarket carrier bags.

Tesco is not allowed to profit from the 5 pence carrier bag charge, and so they have teamed up with the Sustainable Development company called Groundwork to help deliver community projects that improve open spaces and won’t harm the environment.

Tesco and Groundwork are buying Fairmead School outdoor sports equipment

Tesco and Groundwork are buying Fairmead School outdoor sports equipment.

Our Headteacher Diana Denman chased the grant of at least £8000 for Fairmead by writing a proposal. Mrs Denman wrote:

‘Fairmead School aspires for all its students to gain meaningful employment and become successful citizens within their community. The school supports students in defining their ambitions for the future, as well raising their self-esteem and building their social skills through activities and confidence-building programmes’.

Fairmead is optimistic that it will get about four or five pieces of equipment; two for primary and two or three for secondary and sixth form. This will hopefully include a treadmill, cross trainer, pull up bars and a hand bike, though decisions have not been finalised.

Mrs Denman wrote: ‘This project would provide pupils of all ages with the opportunity to practise important social skills and get fit in a safe and supported environment. The Outdoor Classroom Gym would be a much welcomed resource for the whole school community. It would also support our healthy lifestyle learning programme and encourage our reluctant gym goers and their families to experience state of the art resources’.

There is a chance we could get up to £12,000 if shoppers at Tesco in the Bournemouth area vote for us by putting their tokens in the Fairmead box at the following stores:

Shaftesbury                            Fordingbridge                        West Parley

Ferndown                               West Moor

Verwood Ringwood               Glenmoor Road

Fairmead has match-funded the grant thanks to £1000 we raised at our Christmas Fayre. So thanks to the Bags of Help scheme, the future at Fairmead promises to be fit and healthy.


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