Christmas Concert Voted ‘The Best One Ever!’ – FAIRMEAD SCHOOL

Christmas Concert Voted ‘The Best One Ever!’

A global themed celebration of the festive season made this year’s Christmas Concert a stunning showcase of acting, singing and dancing across the school at Fairmead.

‘Christmas Around The World’ was the theme of our concert this year, with each learning group depicting a scene of how Christmas is celebrated in various countries. Purple Group performed a sketch about Mexico, Red Group’s country was Italy, Aqua Group’s was Israel, Darwin Group’s was America and Curie’s Group was Hawaii.


The Sixth Form were representing Britain, and so students and staff acted out the top 8 most annoying Christmas traditions. These included The Queen’s Speech, eating sprouts, not being able to sleep on Christmas Eve and the annual battle for the Christmas number one hit single.


Primary performed The Nativity with a mixture of tradition and innovation. For example there were four kings bearing gifts this year, and the fourth gave Mary some yoghurt and bananas for a much needed protein boost post-delivery.

Narrator of the Primary Jolly Phonics Nativity was sixth-former Cheyenne. She commented: ‘I thought the part of Mary was acted extremely well this year, but the highlight for me was when all the little ones sang ‘Away In A Manger’.

Head of the Board of Governors Hilary Pallister addressed the appreciative audience of parents and carers after the performance. She said: ‘When I set out for the Fairmead Christmas Concert this afternoon I didn’t expect to be taken all around the world! Do you know, I think this was the best Christmas Concert yet!’

Head Teacher Mrs Diana Denman told the performers they were all fantastic and gave special thanks to Assistant Head Teacher Alison Taylor, who organizes the school concert every year and plays the music for the choir. Mrs Taylor leaves Fairmead this week and Mrs Denman spoke of how much we would all miss her.

The concert this year was very different because students were given a little bit of extra coaching to ensure that as many of them joined in as possible, which is extremely hard for many of our students. In previous years we have pre-recorded some of the scenes, but this year nearly everyone joined in –  if only very briefly.

The afternoon ended on an exciting note when we did the annual Christmas raffle.

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