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Fairmead Students Followed The Yellow Brick Road

The Wizard of Oz was the subject of our summer term musical extravaganza and proved to be a spectacular success.

Parents, carers, friends and governors enjoyed re-enactments of classic Wizard of Oz scenes mixed with factual presentations about the brain, heart and tornadoes. They also heard personal anecdotes about courage on what was humid afternoon on Tuesday.

oz4Our Dorothy was a real trouper who delivered her lines with heartfelt aplomb; our scarecrow was hilariously hapless; the tin man was easily as eccentric and lively as the one from the film, and our lion was totally lovable.


The audience were treated to the comedy highlight of the wicked witch of the west being brilliantly evil one minute and collapsing into fits of giggles at other times; the glamorous Glinda the good witch was on sparkling form too.


Primary students played the naughty little munchkins and looked fabulous in their costumes, all of which were kindly loaned to us by Tammy Lloyd’s brilliant Castaway Children’s Theatre Group. The choir were a big part of the show’s success, with a chorus that chimed in at intervals in the acting, and there was also a lovely solo from chorister Scout in Key Stage 3. oz6

The show was a first for Fairmead because it depended on audience participation and we had two new directors, Sue Huggins who is our school drama therapist, and Jacqui Munn who took charge of the choir and segued songs into the action.

Head of School Ben Crump said: ‘It was a brilliant performance and much better than the film version my sister used to force me to watch as a child”.

Head Teacher Tracy Felstead: ” Well done to students and staff who worked hard to make it such a success; it really was enjoyed immensely by our parents and carers who spoke to me in high praise of it”.oz5

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