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Figuring out the Fun in Maths

Modern maths can be physical, interactive, creative and competitive as our students found out during this week’s whole school Maths Day.

To start the day off, Head of School Tracy Felstead promised an assembly that would be bit ‘a bit mad’, and students were certainly puzzled to find pieces of numbered paper under their chairs. Apprentice LSA Jess Morris explained:

‘We all had a number under our chair ranging from one to a hundred and we had to put ourselves into numerical order. After that the students had to play a kind of maths elimination game where they were asked differentiated questions, such as if your number ends in a three then you can sit down, or if your number is in the ten times table then you can sit down. Joe Sherry from Primary was the last student standing so he won the game. It was really fun’.

For the rest of the day different mathematical themed activities were going on in different classrooms; the students visited each activity in their learning groups. QTS teacher Rob Dennis devised a Relay game where students had to find QR codes posted in various locations around the school site. Once found, they then had to scan it to reveal the hidden sum. They were also being timed, so the fastest person with the most correct sums won the relay.


This was sixth former Connor Hyde’s favourite activity. He commented: ‘I liked the Relay because we were being timed and had to run to the where the QR codes were posted and then run back and solve the sum. It was the most fun activity’.


Also popular was NQT teacher Charlotte Briatore’s Jumping Maze activity. Using addition sums, the students had to work out how to get to the centre of the number maze. There was also an obstacle course using mathematical, positional vocabulary to instruct the students round it.


Other activities included Human Shapes, where students had to make numbers by linking their bodies and having somebody stand on something high to get an aerial view. There was a Mystery Codes activity, which was kind of like a mathematical Guess Who? game. Students also enjoyed building towers that had to be strong enough to hold a marshmallow from spaghetti, string and sellotape. Making and flying paper planes in order to work out distances and speed was also described by KS3 student Cameron Wade as ‘epic’.

KS4 student Owen Richards voted The Great Wall of Fairmead his favourite activity. Owen explained: ‘We had to make paper cubes and build a wall out of them as if they were bricks. I enjoyed laying the bricks and making sure the wall didn’t collapse’.

A day full of mathematical mayhem was thoroughly enjoyed by students and staff and a big well done to all the winners!



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