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Football Coaching at Fairmead

Football enthusiasts at Fairmead have been having Friday after school coaching sessions since the start of the year.

HLTA David Dummackin also coaches a girls’ team for Yeovil Town Football Club, so our students were lucky to get the chance to learn the rules of the game, plus lots of skills, from a qualified coach and one of our very own staff.


Students have been taught skills such as passing, ball control, movement off the ball, tackling and may other key skills.

David said: ‘The number of students turning up for training has been really good, and they have all been paying attention and putting in a lot of effort. The overall target of this training is for students to have fun while playing football, and to pass on what they have learnt to their friends’.


However, Somerset Football Association is looking into arranging some matches for Fairmead, so watch this space…

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