Footballing Fabulous | FAIRMEAD SCHOOL

Footballing Fabulous

Fairmead’s footballers have done us proud for the second time this year in the FA Inclusive Football tournament at Bucklers Mead School in Yeovil.
PE coordinator Nadine Collard and staff took four teams to the tournament, which made Fairmead the most represented team in the competition.  Fairmead had two teams for the Under 14 competition and two teams for the Under 18 competition.
Football2Nadine Collard said: ‘All of our teams did exceptionally well and were true ambassadors for Fairmead School. The students played against Bucklers Mead School, Freeways, Westhaven, Elmwood, Mendip and Wells Blue. The Under 14 teams put a real stamp on the tournament because one of them won three out of their five games. The Under 18 teams played well also, winning a couple of their games. The level of football had improved dramatically from the previous tournament in March’.
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