Foyle Foundation Grant – FAIRMEAD SCHOOL

Foyle Foundation Grant

ICT Futures Grant – Independent Communication Transforming Futures.

Fairmead have been successful in securing a grant from The Foyle Foundation for £15,000 towards ICT equipment and training, which will make a huge difference to our pupils.

For the majority of our pupils, being able to read and write independently are the biggest hurdles that prevent them from accessing lessons. These are skills that they desperately want to be able to independently do, as they are aware of the importance of these for their futures.

This grant will allow us to update and buy new ICT equipment and software programmes that will help our growing school population to better access the whole curriculum, closing the gap for our most vulnerable learners.

In addition, the improvement in technology within the school will give pupils access to a wider range of ICT based exams well suited to their needs, which our current technology does not allow. By renewing our technology we will be able to better prepare and support our pupils to access their exams but also the curriculum in the lead up to taking exams.

Fairmead are very grateful to the Foyle Foundation for their support that will inevitably make a big difference to our school.

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