Happy Chinese New Year of the Monkey! – FAIRMEAD SCHOOL

Happy Chinese New Year of the Monkey!

The new year of the monkey was celebrated in Key Stage 3 on Monday with a banquet fit for an Emperor.

HLTA Sharon Chawley organised the banquet and ordered the necessary ingredients, but the students did all the cooking themselves. Each student had a different dish to cook, such as the egg fried rice, lemon chicken, sweet and sour chicken, spring rolls, or the beef and veg noodle dish.IMG_4941


Teacher Sharon Lindsey explained that Key Stage 3 had been learning about Chinese Culture in lessons, so having the banquet helped to illuminate their learning.

Sharon said: ‘The students were served by the staff and then staff and students all sat and ate together, which was really enjoyable. Every single bit of food was eaten, even the crumbs of the prawn crackers’.

IMG_4944All staff involved in the banquet were particularly impressed with how the students worked together to produce the meal, with certain students taking the lead and showing the others what to do in the kitchen.

Sharon commented: ‘It was was a really good afternoon and a pleasure to see everyone eating together and intermingling so well. The food was excellent and many of the students had second and some had thirds!’



Elsewhere in the school, Primary students had their own Chinese meal and also did some fun art projects to do with China. Key Stage 5 also had a bit of fun learning about the Chinese zodiac and finding out which animal year they were born in.

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