Key Stage 3 on Target! – FAIRMEAD SCHOOL

Key Stage 3 on Target!

Key Stage 3 have been taking part in laser pistol shooting, archery and table cricket for the last couple of weeks. Alex from SASP has been working with the students on using the laser pistols and targets.

Last week they took part in a mini Pentathlon which included trying to get as many shots on target and then doing laps around the track. All who competed received a medal for completing the mini Pentathlon from Alex.

The students have really enjoyed taking part in the laser shooting which gives them a different challenge and experience in PE. I know Alex was very impressed with the skill level and will hopefully return in the future to work with different groups.

The students have also been very fortunate in having Andrew from Somerset Cricket coming in to work with them. Andrew has been teaching the rules of table cricket in readiness for a competition on the 7th December against other schools.

Students have really enjoyed these sessions which will continue for the next five weeks. They are even starting to add up and umpire their own games helping promote and further develop literacy, numeracy and communication skills.

Many thanks to our partners, SASP and Somerset County Cricket for their support in developing these skills with our young people.


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