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Outdoor Classroom Gym Arrives At Fairmead!

Getting fit outside in the fresh air is now a reality at Fairmead thanks to the arrival this term of £12,000 worth of outdoor gym equipment.


In June of last term we reported that our Headteacher Diana Denman was chasing a grant of at least £8,000 from the Tesco Bags of Help Scheme – but she succeeded in getting us £12,000!


Tesco is not allowed to profit from the 5 pence carrier bag charge, and so they teamed up with the Sustainable Development company called Groundwork to help deliver community projects that improve open spaces and won’t harm the environment.

Tesco and Groundwork are buying Fairmead School outdoor sports equipment

Our Headteacher Diana Denman chased the grant of at least £8000 for Fairmead by writing a proposal. Mrs Denman wrote:

‘Fairmead School aspires for all its students to gain meaningful employment and become successful citizens within their community. The school supports students in defining their ambitions for the future, as well raising their self-esteem and building their social skills through activities and confidence-building programmes.

This project would provide pupils of all ages with the opportunity to practise important social skills and get fit in a safe and supported environment. The Outdoor Classroom Gym would be a much welcomed resource for the whole school community. It would also support our healthy lifestyle learning programme and encourage our reluctant gym goers and their families to experience state of the art resources’.


The students are thrilled with the new gym equipment and have been using it in their break times and as part of their PE lessons.

PE Coordinator Nadine Collard said: ‘It has added a new dimension to our PE lessons as we have been able to use it for structured workouts’.

Assistant headteacher Ben Crump has made an outdoor gym safety video featuring members of staff demonstrating how to take care of yourself and each other when using the equipment.


There is an After School Sports Club at Fairmead on Wednesdays, and the outdoor gym is available for students to use then as well. Also on offer at sports club is football and cycling around our also quite new cycling track.


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