Philharmonia Orchestra ‘Strike a Chord’ In School Assembly | FAIRMEAD SCHOOL

Philharmonia Orchestra ‘Strike a Chord’ In School Assembly


The new term got off to a swinging start thanks to the Philharmonia Orchestra performing their musical compositions for our students.

The quintet was comprised of musicians playing the flute, cello, violin, viola and tuba as part of a schools project called ‘Strike a Chord’. The musicians allowed the pupils to come to the front and conduct the orchestra just by moving their hands. This interaction with the music and the musicians allowed the students to respond to the tempo and volume of the music and take charge of it.


After the assembly, 20 students participated in a workshop full of sound games and instrument playing which kick-started the ‘Strike a Chord’ project.  The students from the workshop will go on to create their own piece of music based on the poem ‘The Dragon Who Ate Our School’. They will then perform their music to the rest of the school, and to Fiveways Special School. Later on in the year, the same students will attend a concert at the Octagon Theatre in Yeovil performed by the Philharmonia Orchestra.

Assistant Headteacher Alison Taylor organised this musical opportunity and said:

‘The students were amazed and excited when they heard the live, classical music. They were thrilled to hear the sounds made by the flute, violin, viola, cello and tuba, and to learn about how those sounds can be combined to make music. It was an amazing learning opportunity and great fun!’

At a later date still to be confirmed, we will also have an artist coming in to run workshops for our students. It looks like 2016 is all set to be a colourful and cultural year at Fairmead School.


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