Students Turn Crime Reporters After “Burglary” At Fairmead! – FAIRMEAD SCHOOL

Students Turn Crime Reporters After “Burglary” At Fairmead!

An unidentified member of the Fairmead staff has been spotted on CCTV entering the art room in disguise and then making off with a violin case containing secret loot.

The incident occurred at 4.30pm last Friday when a cleaner unwittingly disturbed the “burglary” while doing her rounds, but failed to see the masked staff member as they hid under a table.

Following a screen showing of the infamous incident in Monday morning’s assembly, students across the school have determined to track down this Mr/Ms Mayhem and bring them to justice by the end of this week.


The CCTV also shows the miscreant doing a silly dance behind the unsuspecting cleaner’s back, and throwing things around the room in a shocking display of disrespect for school property and art work.

Students have “found” footprints in the school green house and various foreign objects turning up in unusual places as they have gone about recording “evidence” and piecing together a time frame of the crime. Some students have also been demanding the finger prints of their teachers and support staff.


The students will produce a written report for the head teacher once all the evidence has been corroborated.

As you may have guessed by now, this is a fun initiative to liven up Writing Week, and so far things are going incredibly well as students are beginning to hone their recording and reporting skills.

Assistant Head and Literacy Coordinator Ben Crump and Literacy Coordinator Charlotte Briatore came up with the plan to get students motivated to write in a way they have perhaps not tried before.

Watch this space to find out who dunnit!

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