Success at the Swimathon! – FAIRMEAD SCHOOL

Success at the Swimathon!

Students in KS3 and Primary swam lots of lengths during their swimmathon in Goldenstones Pool to raise money for a new basket swing in the school playground.


PE Coordinator Nadine Collard and staff encouraged students to swim as many sponsored lengths or widths as they could to raise money for a new basket swing to replace our old climbing frame in the Fairmead playground. The students who took part all received a certificate and a cake. Secondary students are also having a weekly cake sale for staff and students to go towards the swing and the Leaver’s Prom in the summer. So far students have raised more than £350.00!

swimmathonLukeFrom basket swings to basketball in wheelchairs now, as Senior LSA Sian Jinks attended a wheelchair basketball training session where two of our sixth formers showcased their skills. Connor was the first of our sixth formers to have a try and the sport, but hot on his wheels was Frankie and now the pair go every week together.


Frankie described the sport by saying: ‘It is a lot different from normal basketball because our chairs bash into each other and people tip out. It is really funny to see, but when you are the one with someone wheeling towards you very fast, it is a bit scary.

‘I found it very difficult to play sitting down to begin with, but you get used to it. We usually manage 11 a side and we get to play in all of the different positions, so we can get good at them all. I like being the shooter best and scoring the hoops and collecting the points for my side, but I am also fast chasing people down the court’.

Frankie admitted that Connor is a better basketball player than him at the moment because he has been doing it longer, although Frankie thinks he is catching up quickly and getting a lot more confident.


The training sessions are run by the mum of a former Fairmead student, who carried on with sport as career after Fairmead. Players meet every Friday at Buckler’s Mead Leisure Centre and train from 5pm to 6.30pm. You don’t have to be a wheelchair user to join in as all are welcome who have an enjoyment of sport.

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