Today We Ran A Marathon! – FAIRMEAD SCHOOL

Today We Ran A Marathon!

Determination and team spirit prevailed at Fairmead today when students took part in the World Marathon Challenge 2016.img_1328The Amateur Athletics Association and Eveque sponsor the World Marathon Challenge that saw 103 relay teams take part across the globe, with each team having to run 26.2 miles in one day.

Fairmead School is the only school in Somerset to sign up for the simultaneous relay marathon, which required our students to run a minimum of 103 laps of our 100 metre track, per group. img_1332The groups ran at 15 minute intervals throughout the day, but were not allowed to exceed two-and-half hours in total. Our race time will be entered onto the marathon website when we have calculated it, and then we will be able to see how we rank against other schools across the world.img_1334

Sixth Former Connor, is an experienced runner who said: ‘I did about 35 laps, which I was pleased with. Only LSA Mr Smallridge ran more than me because he did 40 laps. Some people had to drop out because they started running too fast when they should have been pacing themselves’.


PE coordinator Nadine Collard signed the school up for the challenge and organised the relay groups and their allotted 15 minute running slots.  She said: ‘I am delighted that Fairmead took part in this global athletic challenge and that every student gave it their best shot. It has been quite a competitive day for our enthusiastic runners and good fun for everyone else. We were lucky to have such fine weather, which helped to motivate us all that little bit more’.


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