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Wickedly Good Theatre!

A trip to London to see a highly acclaimed musical was a stellar success according to students and staff who saw the show on Saturday.

‘Wicked’ the musical was performed at the Apollo Victoria Theatre in London, and it was a relaxed performance supported by the Autistic Society. This meant that the lights were not fully dimmed, the sound was not too loud, students could move around if they needed to and they could make noise. You could also leave the performance if it was too overwhelming and watch it on a TV in a chill out room with bean bags.

wicked5The bus from Fairmead School left at 8am, which meant a very early wake up call for some of our students who live as far away as Chard and Langport. For many of our students the bus ride into London passing famous tourist sights was pretty exciting. Jordan Oliver said ‘I saw Big Ben’ and Aidan McCormack said ‘I saw loads of red double decker buses’. Emma Stock said ‘I saw the Queen’s house’, and Zara Biddlecombe reported that head teacher Mrs Denman helpfully stood at the front of the bus with a microphone, so it was just like being on a proper tourist bus.


In case you are not familiar with the story of ‘Wicked’, it is basically a prequel to ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and tells the stories of the witches of the West and East when they were young girls growing up in Oz. There was a lot of singing, dancing and aerial acting. Student Billie-Sue was so inspired that she kept asking how she could become an actor like those in the performance. Student Cheyenne Lane really liked the happy ending and Sharna Tailby said she liked the kissing scenes!









Head of Sixth Form Kat Jory decided to organise the trip following the huge success of a theatre trip to London two years ago to see ‘Warhorse’.

Kat said: ‘Students keep coming up to me in school and asking when the next trip will be and all I can say at the moment is that there are plans for 2017.  The kids were amazing at ‘Wicked’, so well behaved and they all seemed to have a really fabulous time’.


One of the best things about the theatre was the interval when you could get some refreshments. Many of our students did not pass on the chance to buy ice cream. The stop-off at KFC in Fleet Services on the way home was another highlight. Everyone was very hungry by then, and the bus didn’t get back to Fairmead until 9pm so fast food was very necessary.


Head teacher Diana Denman thanked Kat for a thoroughly enjoyable and well-organised trip and all of the staff who went along to look after the students.

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