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Young Artistic Achiever Award for Fairmead Sixth Former


Sixth Former Callum Gidley was awarded a prestigious Gold Star Award for Artistic Achievement at a ceremony held at the Octagon Theatre in Yeovil during the half term break.


Callum was accompanied by Head of School Tracy Felstead and Art Teacher Amy Huskisson, aswell as his mum, nan, brother and brother’s girlfriend when he collected his award last Tuesday. Callum said:


‘It made me really embarrassed when I had to go on stage and get my award – a simple well done would have been enough for me, but they introduced me by mentioning how I had overcome the difficulties I was born with and I didn’t like that. My mum nearly cried as well’.


The awards are the result of a partnership between South Somerset District Council and the Western Gazette, which celebrates the amazing feats of young people up to the age of 18, and the adults who work with them in a voluntary capacity. Callum was asked by Yeovil Mayor Mike Lock and other local dignatories to describe his art work. He explained:


‘They didn’t have any of my work there to look at, so I described how I used the images of villains and heroes I had seen on TV to create my work. I thought that ideas and attitudes about good and evil would be a great context for my art work’.


Although notoriously modest, Callum thoroughly enjoyed the amazing entertainment at the awards evening. There were professional actors performing scenes from well known shows, such as the pick pocket scene from Oliver Twist. For Callum though, the highlight was a martial arts group whose skills and agility wowed the 100-plus audience. Callum commented:


‘The martial arts were really cool and there were some amazing acrobats as well. There was a lot going on to keep us all entertained’.


It seems that after such a thoroughly eventful evening, students and their parents from across the region needed something to eat before they headed home, and Callum’s family were no exception. He said:


‘By the end of the ceremony we were all starving so we went to McDonalds for something to eat. I think everyone else who was there had the same idea because the place was packed with people who had just come out of the Octagon Theatre’.


Staff at Fairmead were delighted to hear Callum’s good news when they returned from the half term break. Joint Head of Sixth Form Kat Jory said:


‘Callum is a brilliant artist and we are so proud of what he has achieved’.










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