Ziggy and Joe come to visit – FAIRMEAD SCHOOL

Ziggy and Joe come to visit

Fairmead School welcomed Clive & Andrea from Avon Owls who kindly brought in Ziggy the Owl and Joe the Hawk. The children were very excited about seeing Joe and Ziggy. Clive & Andrea led the groups in an informative chat about the birds which allowed the children the opportunity to ask some fantastic questions about the birds. The children also enjoyed stroking the Owl and feeling how soft the feathers were. We would like to say a big thank you to both Clive & Andrea for giving the children this fantastic opportunity. If you’re interested in visiting Avon Owls then please go to their website: www.avonowls.org.uk. As a school we are looking forward toImage-1.png-3 Image-3.png visiting more of the beautiful birds there.

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