A Mellow Yellow Day At Montgomery’s Cheese Farm and Factory – FAIRMEAD SCHOOL

A Mellow Yellow Day At Montgomery’s Cheese Farm and Factory

The Sixth Form enjoyed a guided tour around award-winning Montgomery’s Cheese Farm and Factory as part of their Business Enterprise lesson at the end of last year.

The Montgomery’s are artisan cheese makers based in North Cadbury,  whose high cheese making credentials go back three generations. Their renowned Farmhouse Cheddar and Ogleshield went into the Christmas Hampers put together by students at Fairmead as part of our business enterprise initiative and sold to staff for profit.














Students were given a guided tour of the farm and factory by Cheese Master Jamie Montgomery, who inherited the role of cheese master of the family from his mother Elizabeth Montgomery, who inherited the role from her father Sir Archibald Langman.

The students were told that cheese is made at the factory seven days a week and that two herds of different types of cows are milked to make the two different cheeses. Friesian cows are used for the Farmhouse Cheddar and Jersey cows for the Ogleshield.

Jamie Mongomery oversees every aspect of the cheese production, from the quality of grass that the cows graze through to the taste and texture of the final product. Jamie showed our students how the cheese is churned and ‘hoovered’ to remove cheese mites.The students learned that 120 cheddar cheeses are made each week. The cheese is wrapped in muslin cloth and left on wooden shelves to mature for 12 months. The students were shown the store room with floor to ceiling shelves where the cheese is left to mature.

The students asked lots of really good questions about the cheese production and were really interested in the whole process. They filled out a questionnaire when they got back to sixth form to test how much they remembered and they all did really well.










HLTA Sharon Chorley who accompanied students on the trip said that the students ‘were fascinated’ to learn that cheese gets hoovered, but their favourite part of the tour was, most definitely, the cheese tasting at the end.

Fairmead would like to say a big thank you to the Montgomery family for a fantastic guided tour and for supplying the cheese for our hampers.


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