A Well-Stocked Larder Thanks To Fairmead – FAIRMEAD SCHOOL

A Well-Stocked Larder Thanks To Fairmead

Sixth Form students delivered all the non-perishable foods donated by parents for our Harvest Festival assembly to The Lord’s Larder in Yeovil.

The Lord’s Larder is a food bank operated by volunteers from churches in and around Yeovil. It began in 1991 when someone from the Yeovil Citizens’ Advice Bureau spoke about the need for emergency food to members of a church in Yeovil.

Since then 45 schools and 45 churches, as well as several community groups, supply emergency food. Last year this helped to feed 3209 adults and 1944 children.

The Larder works by food and money being donated throughout the year by churches, businesses, schools and charities. Volunteers sort and store all the donations of food in a custom built larder. Requests for food are made by phone through recognized agencies, which then collect parcels to hand on to their clients. The emergency food parcels are made up by volunteers according to the need. Food is never supplied to individuals on direct request; it has to be requested by an agency.

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