About Us

 School Values

  • To create and maintain an inclusive school community that is ambitious, caring and compassionate for all pupils and young people;
  • To build knowledge, understanding and Key Skills through a creative, pupil-centred curriculum and extended activities programme;
  • To foster within the school an ethos that prioritises regard for others, where the rights and dignity of pupils and young people and staff are upheld, and where teamwork is nurtured to the advantage of all;
  • To encourage pupils and young people to make informed and positive choices in their lives that contributes towards their personal and social development as useful members of society;
  • To facilitate experiences that build lifelong learning skills relevant to the world of work and citizenship.

School’s Ethos

We offer a friendly, creative and caring environment to motivate learners to achieve their potential and develop their self-esteem. The school is committed to an equality of provision for all that enables equal access to educational opportunities and to a curriculum that is suitably differentiated to meet individual needs. This commitment is reflected in all classrooms through pupil-centred teaching styles to maximise learning and skill acquisition. The governors and staff work together in promoting a calm and co-operative atmosphere for learning to take place. The school’s code of conduct and expectations of behaviour are underpinned by the Behaviour Policy, which was developed with all members of the school community (including governors, pupils and parents/carers). It promotes mutual regard for others, where the rights and dignity of pupils and staff are respected. The governors, staff and pupils all work in partnership to uphold the principles and values that reflect our school community, and together we celebrate pupil success and achievement.
In partnership, the governors and staff, warmly invite parents/carers to take an active role in the school community. The school has an ‘open door’ welcome to parents/carers at any time. If a meeting is needed with a member of staff, parents/carers are advised to telephone to arrange a mutually agreeable time to discuss matters. The school works closely with other professional agencies, which are available for guidance and support to parents/carers if required. Our Parent, Family and Support Advisor (PFSA), Sharon White is also available to offer advice and support for pupils and their families. Our charitable partnership with the ‘Friends of Fairmead’ warmly invites you to join and participate in the fund raising events for the school. In addition to the Person Centred Review process, parents/carers are invited to two parents evenings planned in the academic year.

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