Bigger! Brighter! Better! – Classroom gets an upgrade. – FAIRMEAD SCHOOL

Bigger! Brighter! Better! – Classroom gets an upgrade.

Excitement is building at Fairmead as renovations to the primary classroom and playground nears completion.

Construction workers have spent the past five weeks expanding the primary classroom so that it can better accommodate our 18 primary students and eight staff members.

IMG_1976previously, the primary block was one rectangular shaped room artificially divided into a reading and playing zone with soft furnishings, books and toys in one half and a working zone with tables and chairs and interactive whiteboard in the other half. Renovation work has widened the whole primary block so it can now accommodate two classrooms with a sliding door in between. The playground area has also been extended to the whole length of the primary block.

Senior LSA Mark Davies said: ‘The students’ learning progression will be greatly improved by the change in classroom size and structure’.

Fairmead’s Inclusion Manager and Parent/Carer Liaison Steve Coles explained that the expansion of the primary classroom reflects an increase in demand for the specialised education Fairmead provides. He said: ‘We have a reputation in the educational community and so more and more parents are now seeing us as an alternative provision to the mainstream’.

The new classroom is completely DDA (Disability Discrimination Act 1995) approved to include such features as wheelchair ramps and height appropriate handrails.


The students are really looking forward to their new classroom being ready and are having an outdoor tea party tomorrow to talk about what it is going to be like when they move in next week.

Primary student Callum said: ‘The primary classroom is getting bigger and we are going to have a tea party to talk about that and eat chocolate’.

Watch this space to see pictures and read all about the tea party and new classroom reveal next week.


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