Bikers To The Rescue – FAIRMEAD SCHOOL

Bikers To The Rescue

A BMW Blood Bike named Sue was the star attraction at Fairmead this week when volunteer biker Ian from the Yeovil Free Wheelers, roared in to tell us about the work of this life-saving service.

Ian explained how as an experienced biker he decided to volunteer for blood bikes and then undertook advanced motorcycle training to get a special licence. He explained that he drives about 2000 miles a month delivering blood and organ samples to the laboratory for testing, delivering blood for lifesaving transfusions, tissue samples, medical notes, drugs and even a replacement knee joint for a life-changing operation. 

The Blood Bikes are an Emergency Voluntary Service and registered charity which rely entirely on donations. The Yeovil branch was started in 1978 and Ian told us that Somerset owns six blood bikes, some of which are named after important friends of the charity.

Students had lots of questions about how fast the bikes can go and when Ian get to put the siren and flashing light on. Ian explained that he is not allowed to speed, but he can use the siren and light to make other road users move out of the way.

One student asked what make of motorbikes they have and Ian said currently they have BMWs and a Yamaha, but are considering a Triumph for their next bike. a big thank you to Ian for riding in on Sue and sharing his experiences and expertise with us at Fairmead.

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