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Careers Education

Here at Fairmead School we have an ever evolving Careers Programme supported by our Careers and Skills Advisor from Inspired to Achieve. We believe raising the aspirations of our students and their families towards a productive working life is one of the key aspects of preparing our young people for their life beyond school. Activities were planned and shared through the Careers Activity Planner 2018 Fairmead School.

In November 2018 we ran our first Aspirational Careers Event (ACE) where a range of local employers visited the school to talk about and demonstrate their roles within their industries providing the students with practical experience of a number of different roles they could start to explore as part of their careers journey. This was a week long activity with a range of activities taking place each day and will be back for 2019.

Following on from the success of our ACE event, in March 2019 we invited volunteer organisations to come and share with the students their experiences and volunteering opportunities available through out Aspirational Volunteering Event (AVE). This followed the same format as ACE and was really successful with students learning lots about the world of volunteering work. Again this will be built on again for 2020.

As part of our Careers Programme students are encouraged, with their families, to explore future learning opportunities including at local Further Education Colleges. Here are their Open Events for 2019/2020. Somerset Colleges Open Day Events 2019-20.

If you would like any further information on Careers Education here at Fairmead School please contact Shaun France ( our Assistant Headteacher.

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