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Carry On Camping!

The annual Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award practice expedition took place over last weekend and was an enjoyable experience for all involved.


Senior LSA Jo Smallridge said this year’s Key Stage 4 group were “absolutely amazing” and all the students encouraged each other and formed a strong team. The students had to bring all the tents, sleeping bags, gas stoves and pots and pans etc to their practice camp site on the school field and get set up after school on Friday. This involved putting their tents up and cooking themselves a meal on the camping stoves.


The students cooked themselves a simple but nutritious meal of pasta, hot dog sausage and pasta sauce all stirred together. They had to make sure everyone had enough for a proper meal and clear away after themselves and wash up the dishes. The weather stayed fine for the overnight camp and the next day they had to get breakfast themselves, clear away and head off on the minibuses to Ham Hill for their 4km practice walk.

Jo Smallridge said: ‘The students had to take it in turns to practice their map reading skills by leading the group from the front. They all managed the walk very well and we had a great weekend. I think the real expedition promises to be a great success.”

Nearly all the KS4 students are taking part and were accompanied by six members of staff.


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