Fun At Frogmary Farm – FAIRMEAD SCHOOL

Fun At Frogmary Farm

Purple group went to an award winning eco farm that produces its own energy and has diversified in a variety of exciting directions.
Frogmary Mary Green Farm is a 800 acre working farm in South Petherton owned by Claire and Nick Bragg. The farm specialises in growing grass, cereals, maize and fodder beet. They also rear chickens that are produced to the RSPCA Freedom Food welfare standards and visitors are welcomed into their specially designed for viewing chicken shed.
The farm has also won awards for producing its own energy using a anaerobic digester run on crops grown within a local farms cooperative.
Cookery classes are also run on the farm in the evenings, where participants can come along and cook an Italian or Indian meal and then sit down to eat together. Teacher Nadine Collard thought the students learned a lot from their visit. She said:
‘The students had an amazing time and gained an insight into a working farm. Jane and Claire ran the day and allowed purple group the opportunity to look around the farm and have a go at a range of different activities.
‘These included a nature walk around their beautiful wild life area, which included a pond, geese, finding and hiding ‘wool’ caterpillars, planting cress, planting peas, beetroot and lettuce in their new planting area. They also made owls out of pine cones and sheep wool, looked at the different tractors, got weighed on the lorry scales and of course watching the chickens.
‘Claire and Jane provided a very exciting, informative and creative day which purple group loved. It also informed the students of how different farms run and how self-sufficient we could all become’.
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