Healing With The Horses – FAIRMEAD SCHOOL

Healing With The Horses

Selected students have been experiencing the benefits of ‘Horse Time’ equine therapy thanks to a joint venture by Equestrian Special Needs Riding Instructors Di Sewell and Sarah Harding.



Di runs Eastfield Equestrian near East Coker, which caters for students of all abilities, and Sarah Harding is an HLTA at Fairmead School who has a degree in special needs with a specialism in autism. Sarah’s other passion is horse riding, and for her degree dissertation she researched the improvement in social engagement for children on the ASD spectrum who spent time with horses.

Students with all types of special needs have been shown to develop better social awareness by using techniques and skills required to gain the acceptance and trust of horses. Just being with the horses promotes low arousal engagement with other people, self-esteem and empathy. ‘Horse Time’ also provides sensory stimulation and, of course, enjoyment.

Two of our young ladies at Fairmead have been attending weekly sessions and have really gained a lot of confidence and enjoyment from ‘Horse Time’ sessions.

If you are interested in ‘Horse Time’ and would like to make enquiries, please contact Sarah Harding on 07772218703 or email hardingsarah29@gmail.com or find them on Facebook.

Eastfield Equestrian, Pavyotts Mill, East Coker, Yeovil, BA22 9HB



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