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Masses Of Meccano!

A new Science, Technology and Maths (STEM) Club will be starting at Fairmead next Tuesday because Fairmead has won £400 worth of Meccano sets!

Our maths teacher Kim Manton-Steer attended some advanced maths training at the national STEM centre in York recently, where she grabbed some information on competitions and bursaries.

Mrs Manton-Steer entered the competition run by Co-Lab Stem Clubs explaining that Fairmead wants to run its own STEM club and why we deserve some free Meccano.

She won it for us and it was delivered today!
 Meccano is all about engineering and robotics, which links with maths and encourages careers where a good understanding of maths is essential.

Mrs Manton-Steer has already set students who are keen on STEM a challenge to design a new Meccano model. If one of our students wins this challenge then Fairmead could get £500 towards a class trip to the London Science Museum and the winning student’s model will be brought to life by a Meccano model maker.

The Meccano sets we now have in school include an aeroplane, motorbike, tractor and car plus all the motorised bits and pieces in a big 3 shelf storage case.


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