Maths Day Mayhem! – FAIRMEAD SCHOOL

Maths Day Mayhem!


Tuesday we had a a bit of a mad Maths Day, with teachers adapting their usual subjects to incorporate a bit of maths.

The theme was Actual Size and the idea was to get students thinking creatively about shape and measure.

Maths Coordinator Kim Manton-Steer showed us pictures of the actual sizes of different animals and their various body parts. We were given a picture of a gorilla’s hand and we had to see how many of our hands would fit into the gorilla’s hand. Another group counted how many sweets they could fit into the gorilla’s hand.






In English, Assistant Head Teacher Ben Crump created a fictional story of a Kodiak bear who went into McDonald’s on Kodiak Island and helped himself to burgers. The students were given the measurements of the bear’s claws and the height of the bear and its weight. They then had to find objects that could be compared with those measurements, like the wing mirror of Seat Toledo matches the length of the bear’s claw.

In science we looked at the habitats of various animals and tried to find out whether their habitats had any bearing on their size.

Of course Maths Day also clashed with pancake day, so we had pancake races at the end of the day in the school hall.


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