More Than Just Clowning Around! – FAIRMEAD SCHOOL

More Than Just Clowning Around!

Primary students had a rather unusual PE lesson when the circus came to town proving that we are not afraid to give new things a go at Fairmead.


PE Coordinator Nadine Collard is always keen to expand the parameters of sports in school and last term’s circus skills lesson provided by Splatz Entertainment proved a big hit with our youngest students.


The circus activities that were tried out by Primary included silly walking on stilts made from plastic pots with cords attached to help lift your feet and keep them in place, plate spinning which challenged coordination and balance, pedaling on a axle with wheels with nothing to hold onto, and a bit of rhythmic movement using streamers.


Nadine Collard said: ‘The students loved it! Splatz bring circus skills to schools and teach the teachers how to introduce circus skills into PE. It was amazing for us to experience different ways of using movement, coordination and balance while using equipment we would’t usually have in PE’.


Circus skills were quite a challenge because you had to remember to pull on the stilts cords when you walked or your foot would come away from the stilt and you would topple off. Some students needed an adult’s arm to hold onto when they tried to pedal no-handed, throwing the streamer up in the air and spinning around and trying to catch it was tricky to time correctly, and plate spinning requires a lot of concentration.





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