Music to Inspire – FAIRMEAD SCHOOL

Music to Inspire

A national music charity visited Fairmead today to inspire our students and encourage their responses to music.



Live Music Now Level 1 is a training programme for early career professional musicians to develop skills to deliver engaging music sessions for young people with SEND. Partner schools host the musicians for a three day project, during which the LMN team (lead musician and two Level 1 musicians) deliver a set of music for selected classes.


The Inspire training programme aims to help the musicians develop as responsive and reflective practitioners, gaining skills to plan and deliver engaging music sessions for students with SEND. The skills acquired during this early career period can have a considerable impact on a musician’s personal and musical development as they advance into the music profession, opening up future employment opportunities.


There are three different groups working over three days and the musicians help teachers and teaching assistants to support during the sessions. The musicians liaise with staff to ensure that the sessions are pitched at appropriate levels for pupils’ age and ability.






As you can see from the pictures, our students have been really engaged and are enjoying it immensely. Thanks to Dan, Bea and Jo for coming in to share their music skills.

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