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Performance Poetry in KS3

Students in Red Group for Literacy and Art have been studying acrostic poems, with a focus on learning to use adjectives appropriately and with animals as theme.

An acrostic poem is recognisable by the fact that the each line will begin with the letter of the title. So if the poem was called Mouse, then the first line would begin with an ‘m’ and the second line would begin with an ‘o’ etc.

The students were encouraged to choose their own animal and then do some research on it, so that the poem included details such as the animals’s habitat, behaviour and what they like to eat.

A cross-curriculum link was made to art and design where the students then had the chance to make an animal mask to wear when they performed their poems to the rest of the class. Some students printed out some pictures from the Internet and preferred to make a painting or a drawing of their animal based on the various images they had collected.

KS3 teacher Suzanne Powell said: ‘I am really proud of what Red Group have achieved together and that they remained very focused on their choice of animal. I am especially pleased that they all had the confidence to perform their poems to the whole class”.


In other news from KS3, students and staff looked absolutely amazing when they dressed up as their favourite book characters for the recent National Book Day. Again Miss Powell’s class really excelled themselves, as you can see from the picture below.

aquanational bookday1

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