Pizza and Ice Cream for KS3 Day-Trippers – FAIRMEAD SCHOOL

Pizza and Ice Cream for KS3 Day-Trippers

Last week students in Purple learning group enjoyed a run around in the Spring sunshine up at Ham Hill and an ice cream from the van.                                                                                     












This week was Aqua learning  group were thrilled to have the opportunity to visit Pizza Express in Street and work inside their professional pizza kitchen. This gave students the chance to demonstrate the skills they have recently acquired as part of their Friday afternoon cookery enrichment group.
On arrival the restaurant manager ensured that pupils were up to date with their health and safety knowledge and then entertained pupils with the story of the origin of the Margarita pizza and its ties with the 1889 Queen Consort of Italy, Margherita of Savoy.
Pupils impressed the restaurant team with their knowledge of the ingredients and method required to make great pizza. Once the theory was over, it was time to get creative. The restaurant team shared with pupils the art of making perfect pizza every time. The proof was literally in the pudding, as once pupils had made their individual pizzas they went straight to  the oven and then into boxes ready for pupils to enjoy.
Pupils thanked the restaurant team at Pizza Express in Street for being so welcoming, and the team there complimented the pupils on their politeness and eagerness to learn and participate. It was an entertaining and educational day for all involved.
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