Poetry In The Pod

Franklin group had an amazing morning when they went to ACEarts Exhibition space in Somerton to experience immersive art.

The dedicated exhibition space hosts a dynamic range of art and contemporary craft throughout the year and incorporates stimulating associated events and workshops. Visitors are also invited to learn new skills and join in with various activities in a continually evolving series of workshops, talks and other events.

Our students went along to experience the large scale, interactive sculptures by Jan Niedojadlo, who has worked with Fairmead on a number of projects in school. Jan creates sculptural safe spaces he calls ‘Podules’. They are constructed from left over materials from the manufacturing industry, which would otherwise be disposed of.

Our students climbed inside the podules and came up with words and phrases they thought described their feelings and emotions when they were inside.

The words and phrases they came up with were recorded by their class teacher and  will be used to create some class poetry in lessons throughout the week.

Students said that being in the podule made them feel ‘very calm’ and fulfilled their sensory needs.

The podules have been described in the past as ‘womb-like’, and so our students listened to the sound of a heart beating to see if they liked it. They also listened to some soothing music while in the podule.

The students returned to school buzzing from the experience, and we are all looking forward to reading and hearing the poetry that emerges in the lessons to come.


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