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Primary Students Hatch A Plan For A Very Special Easter

A dozen cheeping chicks hatched in our primary classroom last week and are now being nurtured by our students.

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The chicks are now a week old and are proving to be a massive attraction throughout the school community. After half term our primary students were asked to think of a topic they would like to study, and after much discussion they decided they would like to find out about Spring. The students used computers to do some research and they found out that chicks are a symbol of Spring and Easter and that they hatch out of eggs.

HLTA Sarah Poole said: ‘We did some more research and found out about a company called Living Eggs that run a ten day in-school educational programme. The company delivered eggs that are a hybrid created especially for the hatching programme. What this means is that the girl chicks are orange and the boy chicks are yellow and it is easier for the students to tell them apart. Living Eggs also provided an incubator to keep the eggs warm and where the chicks now live’.

Students have been given the responsibility of caring for the chicks, which they have all really taken to according to primary teacher Amy Huskisson, who said: ‘They know they have to be quite careful with the chicks and be really quiet when they are around them. The children have been really good at nurturing them and being responsible, and they have learnt an awful lot about the life cycle of a hen’.

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Miss Huskisson also commented on how it has brought the school community closer together, as students from other year group have come over to see the chicks. They have also attracted families into the school because the students have wanted their mums and dads to see the chicks too.

Best of all is that primary have decided that they will keep three of the females and have already arranged for a vet to come and vaccinate them and have ordered a hen house.

Mrs Poole said: ‘We are having an Eggloo, which is a state of the art fox proof hen house. We are going to keep three hens and look after them. The students have insisted we buy a chicken swing for them as well. I think they have been highly influenced by the film Chicken Run’.

The rest of the chicks will be re-homed to high welfare standards. Child initiated learning has proven so successful this term that the students went on to find out about other creatures that hatch from eggs. Next term the students have asked if they can learn about dinosaurs because they hatched from eggs too.

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