Science Trip A Big Success For Aqua – FAIRMEAD SCHOOL

Science Trip A Big Success For Aqua

Aqua Learning Group were treated to a fantastic day out at We The Curious in Bristol where they got to play with the exhibits in a dynamic environment.



Students had fun in the Planetarium and played with Aardman Animation model Morph.



LSA Anna Russ said the charity run interactive museum was a fantastic day out and the students all loved it. They especially enjoyed making giant bubbles using big rings and making some animations featuring Wallace and Gromit.

Aqua group also enjoyed the 2D experience of whizzing through space as astronauts to explore our solar system.

As well as exploring, the students also attended a workshop called Trick Of The Light, which demonstrated how different coloured lights change our perspective of the world. They also made frozen shadows of their hands and directed laser-beams. The final challenge was to complete a laser maze without breaking the beams and with smoke machines obscuring their vision. Some students also walked inside a womb!

Meanwhile, back at school, Red group have been exploring our local area in Accessing the Community lessons. So far this term we have been to Ham Hill Country Park, Yeovil Library, Ninesprings Cafe, and the shopping centre.

This week we were fortunate enough to meet up with a mounted police officer, who told our students all about police work on horse back. The students asked lots of questions about why the horses were helpful in crime fighting and what it was like to work with the horses.

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