Sowing Some Seeds – FAIRMEAD SCHOOL

Sowing Some Seeds


Green-fingered sixth-formers who are learning about horticulture are pleased that the seeds they have sown are starting to shoot up.

Five students travel to the Balsam Centre in Wincanton every Wednesday to learn a bit about gardening and horticulture and grow some plants for the centre to sell.

Instructor Nick showed the group how the sweet peas they had planted a couple of weeks ago were already starting to develop.

Next the group had to re-pot some plants that had really grown a lot thanks to the mild winter we have had – well at least until now. The students learnt how to squeeze the flower pot and turn it upside down to release the plant. Then they had to mix leaf mould, compost and gravel in three equal parts and re-pot the plants in bigger pots.


The students have to sweep up the excess soil and put away all their tools when they have finished their task. The plants are put into a big greenhouse to continue growing.

LSA Vic Cook said: ‘It was impressive how much the students could recall, such as how to make the potting plant mixture and the names of all the equipment they use. I enjoyed being shown how you can tell whether the roots of a plant are healthy or not because I had no idea until the students showed me’.


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