Shields, Strawberries and Sandwiches – FAIRMEAD SCHOOL

Shields, Strawberries and Sandwiches

To mark St George’s Day students learnt the story of St George and the dragon and celebrated with an afternoon tea party.

We spent the morning watching an animated tale about George the Roman knight slaying the killer dragon and rescuing the royal princess, which earned him his sainthood.

Each class designed and painted their own shield, as well as spending time doing word searches and dragon drawings.

In the main hall we also had a giant drawing of a dragon, which every student in the school contributed to by putting their hand print onto the dragon to colour it in. This will soon go on display in the main hall where we have lunch and assembly.

Students were also rushed off their feet doing food preparation for the St George’s Day tea party this afternoon. We made rounds of sandwiches, scones, strawberries and tea to celebrate with the foods we English love to eat.

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