Strange Satellite Smashes Onto School Playing Field – FAIRMEAD SCHOOL

Strange Satellite Smashes Onto School Playing Field

We recently had a phenomenal day dedicated to science fiction when the staff team staged a satellite crash on the school playing field.

For our ‘Space Day,’ pieces of gold spray-painted metal rubbish, such as an old lap top, dust bin lid, old wheels and a canister were put in a cordoned off area on the field and made to look like wreckage from an accident.

We then played a video in assembly where a ‘newsreader’ reported the satellite crash and interviewed a satellite ‘expert’ for explanations.

The students were excited to investigate the scene and look for clues about the satellite’s origin. They then wrote up a newspaper report about the incident. The rest of their lessons centred around space themes, such as making solar powered space buggies, using planetary data to calculate standard form in maths, and making realistic looking satellite models in art.

Our ‘Space Day’ was always a fictitious bit of fun, but it provided a springboard to lateral learning opportunities.

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