Table Cricket Triumph – FAIRMEAD SCHOOL

Table Cricket Triumph

Fairmead’s Table Cricket Team smashed it at Somerset County Cricket Club this week when they reached the final of a tournament.

Our team of six played three games in their group; they lost the first game but kept it together and won the next two games to qualify for the semi finals.

Despite their inexperience and natural nervousness at playing students who were older than them, our team ventured on to the final and in a very close game, they lost by just one point!

If, like me, you had never heard of table cricket, it is played on a table the same size as table tennis, but using techniques that resemble both table tennis and subutteo.

PE coordinator Adam Roman explained that the table has barriers round the outside with plastic fielders represented by white rectangles. The fielders can be moved out and side to side to block the ball from hitting the green parts of the barrier to score points. The bowler rolls the ball down a sloped ramp at one end of the table and the batsman stands at the other end of the table with a miniature bat.

HLTA Adam Roman said: ‘There were 12 teams from across Somerset in the tournament and standards were very high. Yet they made it all the way to the final and we were robbed by one point in the final game. It was a fantastic effort by the Fairmead team and I am so proud of them.’

Two of the team came to report the news to me on their victorious return to school and said they had had an amazing day.

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