Tea Party Paraphernalia in Primary – FAIRMEAD SCHOOL

Tea Party Paraphernalia in Primary

Cream teas and scones in the sunshine was the order of the day when parents and carers came to the primary tea party.


The staff in primary hung out the homemade bunting and the students laid the tables under the canopies. After eating and drinking parents were invited to look inside the newly expanded classroom and Assistant Headteacher Alison Taylor gave a short talk. Mrs Taylor explained that from now on there would be two learning groups with her leading one and Amy Huskisson leading the other.


The children enjoyed all the preparations for the party, such as baking gingerbread men to tie in with the the book they had been reading called The Gingerbread Man. They were all really excited to see their parents, carers and siblings.

Amy Huskisson said: ‘It is going very, very well in primary. The students are settling in nicely and enjoying their learning. The separate learning groups really work, although they join together for music and science. They seem to really enjoy it when they meet up with their former classmates at lunchtime and play times’.

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