Working in the woods – FAIRMEAD SCHOOL

Working in the woods

Students are experiencing Forest School outdoor learning this term with Rose from Magdalen Farm near Winsham.

Magdalen Farm delivers Care Farming, which helps people to connect to nature and animals and achieve greater emotional well being and gain practical skills in farming, animal care and horticulture.

There is a big emphasis on sustainable farming and living at Magdalen Farm, so visitors really get to understand where their food comes from. All age groups can benefit from either a day trip or residential visit to the farm, either as a school, charity or family group. Some of our students and families have enjoyed residential visits during their time as part of the Fairmead Community.

We are very lucky to have our own Forest School Classroom and fenced off nature area at  Fairmead, which we use every week as part of our enrichment programme. Rose is working with key stage 3 students and staff to expand upon the activities we already offer in Forest School.

Today students made medallions out of pieces of wood which they sawed themselves from a branch, whittled themselves some sticks, and toasted marshmallows over an outside fire which they built and lit themselves.

Everyone had fun with the Forest School and are looking forward to what activities they might be involved in next week.

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